Yonex Astrox 99 LCW Badminton Racket (Limited Edition)

Designed in Partnership with Lee Chong Wei.

The Limited Edition ASTROX 99 LCW is designed exclusively for, and in collaboration with, legend Lee Chong Wei. The ASTROX 99 LCW will be available in limited quantities from August 17th, 2019.

Yonex staff traveled to Malaysia several times to consult with Lee Chong Wei, hear his thoughts and opinions, and get his approvals on designs, arriving at a racket which expresses his commitment to the game and passion for badminton.

The base color, green, was selected by Lee Chong Wei to represent liveliness, speed and power. It’s also his lucky color. The contrasting purple, in addition to adding to the dynamism of the design, represents the dignity and top level of his career.

The ASTROX 99 adopts Namd* in the entire body of the racket, including the frame, doubling contact time with the shuttle, resulting in an explosive shot as the racket returns from flexed to straight at the end of the swing. Additionally, the Energy Boost Cap shape is designed to encourage even more flex in the shaft, further benefiting from the effects of the Namd graphite. The series trademark technology, Rotational Generator System, which contributes to a smooth transition from shot to shot also helps the player maximize the effects of the entire Namd body.

*Namd is a technology developed by Nitta Corporation to "uniformly disperse carbon nanotubes into carbon fiber composites."

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