The Babolat Tennis Racket Range

 rackets are great for players of all levels looking for power, spin and even control! But how do you know which is best for you and your game and your ability level? Take a closer look at the 3 main families so you can make the best choice!



The Pure Aero line of rackets is one of the most popular racket families in production and we're sure you recognize it since many top players including, Rafael Nadal, endorse these yellow and black rackets.

While the standard Pure Aero is a great racket, it is best for intermediate and advanced players. Beginners will want to take a look at the Pure Aero Lite and Pure Aero Team as they are lighter and easier to swing.

Are you an advanced player? Then you will want to check out the heavier Pure Aero Tour or even the extended Pure Aero Plus as these rackets are stable and will load your shots with mass if you have the right technique.

One thing for sure, the whole family of rackets comes with an aerodynamic beam and is ideal for players looking to add vicious spin and power to their game.



The Pure Drive family of rackets is known for its speed, power and spin of modern game. These cool, blue rackets are all user-friendly, but there is a wide range of weights (and a couple extended versions) giving players of every ability level a powerful option.

If you are a beginner and newer to tennis, you will love the array of lighter choices as the Pure Drive Team and Pure Drive Lite are great entry level rackets. And players looking for an even bigger sweet spot can check out the Pure Drive 107 and Pure Drive 110 which are slightly oversized, light and easy to swing.

Aggressive intermediate and advanced players will find the standard Pure Drive to be a good place to start and then can explore the heavier or extended options including the Pure Drive Tour, the Pure Drive Plus and the Pure Drive Tour Plus.

The newest addition to this family, the Pure Drive VS, debuted early 2019 and offers more feel with a nice blend of speed and power and will be a solid choice for experienced hitters.



Looking for a bit more control and feel, but still enough power to dictate points? Then the Pure Strike rackets might be perfect for you! This family has great options for modern players who need control, feel, power and spin! We've found they have a more flexible feel and offer better feedback than the Pure Aeros and Pure Drives.

Beginners will want to start by looking at the Pure Strike Team as it is the lightest, and easiest to swing model in the line up.

From there, intermediate and advanced players have a plethora of options -- whether you are looking for more power, both the Pure Strike 100 and Pure Strike 98 16x19 will work well; or if you crave a bit more control, then try the Pure Strike 98 18x20.

If you want the most feel from a racket and have developed ground strokes, there are two more options -- the Pure Strike VS and the heavier, more advanced Pure Strike VS Tour.