Babolat Satelite Gravity 74 Badminton Racket - Limited Edition Cyberspace (Black / Silver)

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Do you dream of more manoeuvrability? We’ve made it possible. Check out our Satelite Gravity range, our lightest Babolat rackets. Play with lightness and gain precious seconds in your rallies. Its feather weight gives you optimal manoeuvrability. Greater ease of play.

The Satelite Gravity 74 is our lightest Babolat racket. The combination of its head light design and medium flexibility is perfect for defensive players. Get ready for extreme manoeuvrability and great precision.


Enjoy greater flexibility of movement with this ultra-light racket.


Gain precious seconds during rallies. Its feather weight and more slender T-joint increase the racket's aerodynamics, meaning you can increase your speed.


Because we know that rallies can be demanding, we make each return easier. This racket was specially designed for defensive players seeking optimal manoeuvrability and improved comfort during play.


Gain speed and manoeuvrability in each of your movements. Ultra light technology gives you greater flexibility in your movements.


Slim T technology provides a perfect connection between the frame and shaft. The T-joint is designed exclusively to enhance the racquet’s aerodynamics Enjoy optimised manoeuvrability.


Player Typology: Defensive
Weight: 74 g +/- 3g
Flexibility: Medium
Balance: 300 mm +/-5mm
Balance Type: -12 Super Head Light
Length: 675 mm
Head Shape: Powerful Head Size
Stringing Pattern: 22/23
Tension Recommended: 8-12kg
T Joint: Slim T
Composition: High Modulus Graphite
Type of Cover: No Cover Included
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