Babolat X-Feel Origin Badminton Racket (2024)

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A powerful and precise racket to challenge your opponents! The X-Feel Origin corrects your inaccuracies and helps improve your game. Discover the X-Feel Origin badminton racket, perfect for offensive play: its semi-stiff shaft amplifies your striking power, and it is perfectly balanced, so you can control the game. The X-FEEL Tech technology reduces distortion, for a unique feel. The integrated grommets allow air to penetrate the racket frame for greater power and ease of handling. At last, a high-performance, affordable racket to help you win your matches.

  • Power: Amplify your striking power. The stiff frame, originally designed as a competition racket, reduces distortion and maximizes your swing.
  • Ease of handling: The integrated grommets promote better handling in the air and help you get more power with every stroke.
  • X-FEEL Tek: Designed in the same moulds as our original X-Feel racquet, with a stiffer frame. Reduced distortion for greater sensation.
  • Speed Aero: Integrated grommet for more aerodynamics for more power and maneuverability.


Player Typology: Offensive
Weight: 85 g +/- 3 g
Flexibility: Medium
Balance: 285 mm +/- 5 mm
Balance Type: Even Balance
Length: 675 mm
Stringing Pattern: 20x21
Tension Recommended: 8-12 kg
String Type: Synthetic
Composition: Carbon Wood handle