Badminton Insight Bottle

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Did you know that being dehydrated by just 2% can negatively impact your performance by up to 10%?

The Badminton Insight Bottle will not only encourage you to stay hydrated on the court, but its also great for those times when youre not playing badminton (if there are any!).

Key Information:

     Keeps your drink cold for 24 hours
 ☀️   Keeps your drink hot for 12 hours
 📏  750ml in size
 💦  Leak-proof
 🌎  Eco-friendly


Why have Badminton Insight created this bottle?
“As professional badminton players, we know the importance of staying hydrated - not only in our training sessions and matches, but also throughout the day. A re-usable bottle is therefore an essential.
We wanted to create a bottle that not only looked good, but was eco-friendly, keeps your drink cold (there is nothing better than a cold drink at the end of a hard match!), 750ml in size so that you don’t have to keep refilling it every 10 minutes, and most importantly, high quality and doesn’t leak all over your bag!
After testing the bottle for over 6 months we can confirm that it is exactly what we wanted!
By purchasing the Badminton Insight Bottle, you’re not only getting yourself a great bottle to use everywhere you go, but you’re also helping to support us as small creators so thank you in advance to anyone who does make a purchase!”

Should I wash the bottle before use?
Yes, you should hand wash the bottle with soap and water.

Can I put the bottle in the dishwasher?
No, handwashing is recommended.

Can I put the bottle in the fridge or freezer?

Can I put the bottle in the microwave?

Is the bottle BPA free?
Yes, it is 100% BPA free.

Can I customise my bottle?
Unfortunately not, however we are looking into this as an option in the future.

Can I get a refund?
If you bottle it and want a refund, due to hygiene reasons we only accept returns if the bottle is defective or damaged upon delivery.