Beto SP-002AG Alloy Shock Pump with Gauge

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  • 1.5" precise industry class gauge
  • Fine tuning pressure bleeder button
  • Swivel hose for easy pumping
  • 2-stage non-leakage head
  • Patented Pinch-Free T Handle - TW PAT. 1393821 (For SP-002AG)
  • 300 PSI / 20BAR Capable
Pumping Instructions:
Step 1: Screw tight lower dial onto shock valve stem
Step 2: Tighten the top knob
Step 3: Pump normally
Step 4: If necessary you can fine-tune the pressure by pressing bleeder button
Step 5: Remove from gas shock:
- Un-screw the top knob first
- Un-screw the lower dial to disengage from gas shock


** Please note the pump is designed to work at pressure below 300PSI / 20BAR**