Dr. Sludge Self Sealing Inner Tubes - Pair

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Quality innertubes pre-filled with Dr Sludge solution - In the event of a puncture, the liquid rubber solution is forced to the hole by centrifugal force and on contact with the air, seals it immediately and permanently with minimal loss of pressure.
  • Now pre-filled into inner tubes in the correct dosage
  • Prevents flat tyres
  • Seals punctures instantly up to 3mm diameter
  • Works time after time
  • Water based with anti-corrosion properties and is completely harmless Inner tube and tyre will not stick together
  • Will not dry out regardless of outside temperatures
  • Every inner tube is individually tested before leaving the factory
  • Unsuitable for side wall punctures or larger holes as these damages will not be sealed by any tube sealant
  • Available in two valves: Presta Valve, Schrader Valve
  • Available in various sizes - please choose carefully