Dyna-Band Train for Tennis Pack

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The Dyna-Band Train for Tennis pack comes with a well illustrated and easy to follow ESP Tennis specific instruction programme,a green and purple Dyna-Band, a wrist/ankle cuff, a foam web handle, an assist strap and a clip. These Dyna-Band accessories add a new dimension to the exercise and will allow you to perform a greater number of exercises..

The ESP Tennis Programme using the Dyna-band includes easy to perform exercises targeting the muscles specifically used in a game of Tennis.  By providing resistance for muscles to work against, the DYNA-BAND will:

o    enhance players flexibility, speed, agility and endurance
o    build/strengthen muscles and encourages muscle balance (especially in the young)
o    increase racket speed resulting in more powerful strokes
o    increase reaction time and court quickness (footwork speed)
o    decrease risk of injury and aid rehabilitation

The DYNA-BAND product is colour coded according to its strength of resistance, catering for all abilities and levels, from the young amateur to the fitter Tennis professional.  This feature also allows for progression and development.