Head YouTek IG Extreme MP 2.0 Tennis Racket

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Head YouTek IG Extreme MP 2.0 is favoured for it's comfort, power and terrific spin potential. This latest racquet from Head is a versatile frame, responding well to the need for power in today's game with ample control and comfort.

YouTek IG Extreme MP 2.0 features new S-Tech grommets that absorbs shock and improves playability. Part of Head's professional racquet line-up, specialising in Extreme power and spin, the Extreme's wide head shape allows easy execution of top-spin heavy shots.

The revolutionary D30 material allows the frame to stiffen up high impact shots and keep flex on the low impact shots. This gives the racquet added power on heavy groundstrokes and more control on touch shots. In addition, Innegra Fibres are places strategically in the frame to give graphite, greater strength and improves stability and reduce twisting on high impact shots.

YouTek combines superior technology to match individual needs. Enhances performance and brings out the best in your game. Head grommets with Teflon friction-reducing polymer help to create a self-lubricating effect in the base material resulting in nearly no friction for less energy loss and more power.

Full cover included. Racquet is factory strung.