Karakal Pro 84-290 Badminton Racket

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Weighted and balanced to their specifications these rackets help you create maximum power but are easy to use even for game improvers.

The Pro 84-290 has an 84gram frame weight and 290mm balance. It is constructed using Fast Fibre Nano Gel. We have also included FF in the full graphite handle, this acts to reduce torque by 50% less than a traditional wooden handle. Manufactured from one piece of FF Graphite with our ‘Thumb Print’ Top Cap for easier finger location and accuracy when short or flick serving. Its isometric head shape acts to increase the sweet spot.

The racket is strung using Karakal's Hot Zone string which offers power and performance for players looking for a balanced and responsive string. A smooth satin finish and decal outside the frame completes the look.

  • 84gram Frame Weight
  • 290mm Balance point
  • Fast Fibre Nano Gel
  • Hot Zone String
  • Isometric Head with Muscle System
  • Low Torque Frame
  • High Strength Head loop
  • Constant Taper Frame
  • One Piece FF Graphite & Thumb Print
  • Double Grommet at T Joint
  • Full Racket Cover
  • Karakal PU Super Grip