Karakal PU Super Air Universal Replacement Grip 24 Pack - Assorted

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Karakal PU Super Air is a modification of Karakal's PU Super Grip. Containing the same properties as the standard PU Grip, however, new large lattice air holes have been introduced to help reduce weight and to keep hands cool during play. PU Air is super tacky, has a non-slip PU surface, elasticated microfibre base, is self-adhesive and comes in a universal length
  • New SRF (Slow Release Formula) Surface
  • Large Lattice Airholes for a cool grip
  • Super Tacky
  • Self Adhesive
  • Universal Length for all racket types
  • Extra long life
  • 24 Replacement grips included
  • 6 x 4 of each colour
  • Colour: Assorted