Li-Ning Tectonic 7 Instinct Badminton Racket

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TECTONIC 7I badminton rackets are built on the TECTONIC Technology Platform and are produced from a special lightweight T1100G carbon fiber that delivers incredible recovery times and strength

Li-Ning INSTINCT Series badminton racket weighs less than 80 grams, features a flexible shaft and is engineered to facilitate a fast attack style of play. Suitable for players looking for a lightweight racket with aggressive speed and agility.


  • MATERIAL: Military Grade Carbon Fibre
  • WEIGHT: W1 74-79 grams
  • GRIP SIZE: S1, G5
  • GRIP LENGTH: 200mm
  • BALANCE POINT: 312mm
  • BALANCE: Head heavy
  • FLEX: Flexible/Medium
  • STRING: None

The Tectonic Platform uses a 1-digit numbering system that determines the grade of the racket as follows:

If the first digit is 1, 2 or 3, the racket is suitable for beginners.
If the first digit is 4, 5 or 6, the racket is suitable for intermediate players.
If the first digit is 7, 8 or 9, the racket is suitable for advanced players.

**Please note if upgrades are selected the item cannot be returned as the product has been customised, all other consumer rights still apply and returns will be accepted if the original item is deemed to have a manufacturing fault**