Lobster Elite Liberty Battery Powered Tennis Ball Machine

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The Elite Liberty is the latest addition to the highly successful Elite Series line of portable tennis ball machines from Lobster Sports. The Elite Liberty has been developed to meet the needs of beginners to intermediate players who seek advanced control of both ball speeds and ball spin at a price not previously available.
  • Ball capacity 150 balls
  • 0 – 50 degrees manual trajectory
  • Speed ranges from 20 – 70mph
  • Random horizontal oscillation
  • Ball feed rate from 2 – 10 seconds
  • Playing time 2 – 4 hours, typical
  • Heavy top and back spin choices
  • Weight: 16kgs
  • Remote not included

Elite Freedom Horizontal Oscillation

The Elite Liberty will product ball speeds from 20 mph up to 80 mph challenging players of all skill levels. The Elite Liberty also offers unequalled spin control for a machine at this price point. The ball spin can be adjusted for both topspin and backspin and at different levels. The large ball capacity and battery size allow extended play on the court. The Liberty's oversized wheels and extended handle provides unequalled portability for players who are on the move. Enjoy playing against such advanced features such as full corner-to-corner random oscillation and up to 50-degree lobs to practice your overheads.

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