Prince Tour Dufflepack Bag

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The revolutionary Prince Tour Dufflepack is a backpack packed with functionality. Its unique large central opening allows for easy access. This bag includes a protective top drop pocket, a racquet compartment and a laptop compartment.

Prince Bags are painstakingly designed and developed to match the varying demands of players. The moment you start to prepare to play you want to be confident
that equipment won’t let you down. Practicality and functionality are at the forefront of the bag design process and players can have the confidence they need and the
performance they demand. Prince is setting industry standards with the latest bag collections.

  • Holds up to 2 rackets
  • Protective top drop pocket
  • Racket Compartment
  • Laptop Compartment
  • Dimensions: L:30.48cm X W:23.50cm X H:54.61cm 
  • Colour: Black/Green