Pro's Pro Stringing Machine Tension Calibrator

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Pro's Pro Tension Calibrator lets you easily check the tension accuracy of a stringing machine.

This calibrator offers a precise spring scale (in both kilograms and pounds) and can be used on all stringing machines, regardless of stringing machine brand. The Pro's Pro calibrator can be used whether you are stringing for tennis, squash, badminton or racquetball. This spring scale works best using a polyester tennis string. The scale runs from 0 to 80lb, covering five centimetres in length.  

Simply double loop two pieces of string against the calibrator. Clamp one side to your stringing machine turntable. Tension the other piece of string. It is highly recommended that a polyester string is used for calibration.

Set the tension on your stringing machine to 60lb, for example. Check whether the calibrator matches the tension set on the stringing machine. If they do not match, follow stringing machine manual documentation for calibrating the machine to ensure the stringing machine matches that of the calibrator.

  • The tension calibrator enables your stringing machine to be calibrated to hold and pull the correct string tension at a great degree of accuracy 
  • Calibrates in kilograms (kgs), and pounds (lbs) 
  • Suitable for use when stringing all racket sports

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