Tourna Liqui Towel (Cooling Towel)

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The Tourna Liqui Towel cools without making you wet. It stays dry to the touch. Feels like a cold shower without getting wet. Instantly refreshes you during humid, hot weather, heated sport action or strenuous work. Towel size 30cm x 84cm x 2mm (thick). 


1) Before first use, soak Liqui-Towel in warm water and rinse thoroughly. Don't worry if its stiff as a board. Soak until it becomes soft. 

2) After soaking and rinsing, re-soak in cold water. It can be used without chilling since it gets cooler than the outside air. When it starts drying out, simply re-soak in cold water. 

3) To make Liqui-Towel cooler, chill in ice cooler or refrigerator (do not put in freezer). You can place a few ice cubes in the tube with the soaked Liqui-Towel. 

4) After use, wring it out, fold and store damp in its pouch. You should wash to avoid odour. 

5) Liqui-Towel will slowly dehydrate over time. Simply re-wet in water to activate. The towel is machine washable.