VICTOR A900F IA Badminton Shoes

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The Victor A900F IA is an absolute top shoe from Victor for the ladies. On the one hand, all technical innovations ensure a stable shoe. On the other hand, the web speed is maximally supported by the relatively low weight of the shoe. The 'Light Resillient EVA' layer and the other top materials ensure that this Victor shoe can call itself one of the best in the market. The shoe also has the 'Energiemax V Improve, which provides 27% better shock absorption and 30% more damping'. In addition, the Victor A900F IA has a fit that is adapted to the shape of the female feet. With a narrowed heel and a different fit, the shoe fits in better with the foot and offers extra strength. The 'V-durable' technology ensures that this shoe lasts up to 8x longer than other shoes. The ease of use of this Victor A900F IA is increased by the 'breathability' of the shoes and the pattern on the soles, which offers 21% more grip.


  • Outer Material: V-Durable Plus, Double Mesh,
  • Sole: Light Resilient EVA, ENERGYMAX V, TPU, Solid EVA