Victor ARS-Light Fighter 80 Badminton Racket

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The fast and speedy ARS-LF-80 tamper with its brilliant handling, while offering good control and speed. 

Aerodynamic Shape of the frame helps the racket cut through the air faster for increased head speeds.

Inside Wave - a channel on the inner frame around the grommets for extending the horizontal strings to enlarge the sweet spot.

Isometric Head a squarer head shape enlarges the sweet spot for a greater power area of the string bed.

  • Material: High Modulus Graphite
  • Headshape: Isometric
  • Weight: 6U (abt. 76g)
  • Grip size: G5 
  • Balance: Head Heavy
  • Stiffness: Medium
  • Max. String Tension: 20-28lbs
  • String: VBS-70 white
  • Colour: White / Blue