Victor Auraspeed 80X Badminton Racket

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With its stiff shaft and 3U weight, the Auraspeed 80X is a match-winner with elite level precision around the court and especially near the net. From the Auraspeed range, it boasts a manoeuvrable even balance and a aerodynamic frame that rips through the air at high speeds for crisp and powerful and accurate strikes. 

About Auraspeed - Introducing Victor Auraspeed; the successor to the legendary Jetspeed series. Perhaps the leading performance range in badminton, the Auraspeed series is redefining what badminton rackets can be, and how fast they should be. Victor Auraspeed badminton rackets are aimed at players that want speed beyond their imagination, and offer radically innovative technology that increases the power of every shot.

  • Material: High Resilient Modulus Graphite
  • Headshape: Isometric
  • Weight: 3U (85-89g unstrung)
  • Grip size: G2 = G5 (medium)
  • Balance: Even Balance
  • Stiffness: Stiff
  • Max. String Tension: 20-29lbs
  • String: Racket Strung with VBS 68 at 24lbs
  • Colour: Black / Blue

Hard-Cored Technology - Inspired by military helicopters, this is a multilayered structure made with carbon fibre, composites and minimal material size, reinforcing handling feel and performance at critical times.

Rebound-Transition Construction - R.T.C technology, based on scientifically-design structure and data analysis, introduces a 'reflection point' to the frame's key spots to maximise the rebound performance, which drastically improves the quality and speed of each swing.

Sonic-Rebound Technology - Sonic-Rebound Technology integrates R.T.C with high resilient modulus graphite material to enable swift and all-around rebound performance, redefining what a 'Speed' racket can be.

Compound-Sword - A brand new aerodynamic design, the Compound-Sword frame uses a three-part design to produce more speed than ever before. The upper part of the frame uses a fan-shaped structure to reduce air-resistance; the middle part of the frame adopts a sword-shaped structure to increase your rebound speed; and the lower part of the frame uses an airfoil structure to reduce air-resistance and increase stability by maintaining torsion resistance.

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