Victor Auraspeed 90K H Badminton Racket

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Used by Anders Antonsen , this is an enhanced racket, that has incorporated a vast amount of successful technologies in order to allow players to play to the absolute best of their abilities.


  • Weight 4U (80-84g unstrung)
  • Balance Slightly Head-Light
  • Flex Stiff
  • Stringing Tension Range 19-29 lbs
  • String: Racket Strung with VBS 68 at 24lbs

Product Details:

ARS-90K Frame Technology - ARS-90K inherits the DYNAMIC-SWORD frame structure from ARS-90S and makes further adjustments to the sword structure in different directions. Now the swing can be smoother, faster, and downward shots become effortless. To achieve both speed and agility, the frame is also designed with a big head and new NANO FORTIFY TR+ technology, and hence delivers a lightweight feel and sturdiness.

ARS-90K Shaft Technology - The perfect combination of WES and ANTI-TORSION SYSTEM delivers excellent handling experience and elasticity, enabling powerful attack with incredible stability.

ARS-90K Bring Whole New Experience - ARS-90K has the advantages from both Speed and Attack series. Many of the players from Malaysia and Denmark national teams have already chosen ARS-90K as their match rackets, in order to prepare for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.


  • Seven Six76 - The single-pass grommet hole construction creates less friction between strings, this effectively reduces tension loss, whilst extending string life.
  • NANO FORTIFY TR+ - Built on the strengths of the NANO FORTIFY TR, the NANO FORTIFY TR+ is engineered with an advanced, more durable carbon-fiber that is firm but offers pleasing resilience and hand-feel.
  • HARO CORED TECHNOLOGY - Inspired by military helicopters, multi-layered structure made by carbon fiber and composites, minimize material size, reinforce handling feel and performance at a critical standard.
  • ANTI-TORSION SYSTEM - The shaft is the key to any power transmission, and that's why VICTOR has been committed to developing better shafts. Through the combination of highly resilient materials and innovative design, VICTOR has created a shaft with incredible anti-torsion performance and resilience.
  • R.T.C - A technology based on scientifically-designed structure and data analysis, introduces "reflection point" to the frame's key spots to maximise the rebound performance, essentially improving both the quality and speed of swing.
  • SONIC-REBOUND TECHNOLOGY - integrates R.T.C with high resilient modulus graphite material to enable swift and all-around rebound performance, redefining what a SPEED racket should be.
  • DYNAMIC SWORD - An upgrade to the SWORD frame, the DYNAMIC-SWORD features are designed to imitate the aerodynamics of a sword's blade cutting through the air, making each swing swift and sharp.
  • WES - The Whipping Enhancement System incorporates a softer material in a specific part of the shaft, enhancing the racket-head acceleration.

**Please note if upgrades are selected the item cannot be returned as the product has been customised, all other consumer rights still apply and returns will be accepted if the original item is deemed to have a manufacturing fault**