Victor Jetspeed S 06A Badminton Racket

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More flexible version of the legendary Jetspeed S10. Even-Balance and Medium flex.

Building upon the incredible success of the Jetspeed S10, Victor have created the Jetspeed S 06A, offering players a more flexible version of the legendary all-rounder. Keeping the even-balance, the JS06A has a slim shaft and a very quick frame, allowing you to produce lengthy clears, rapid drop shots and strong smashes on attack, controlled and speedy blocks and lifts on defence, making this a fantastic choice for players who want something more affordable or more flexible, while still giving you a true all-round racket for singles and doubles play.

  • Material: Graphite + Resin + 7.0 SHAFT
  • Headshape: Isometric
  • Weight: 4U (Avg 92g)
  • Grip size: G5
  • Balance: Even Balance
  • Stiffness: Medium Flex
  • Max. String Tension: 24lbs
  • String: unstrung / incl. Set ASHAWAY ZyMax 66 Fire Power White
  • Colour: White