VICTOR P9200IIITD-55 AF Badminton Shoes - 55th Anniversary Special Edition Shoes

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  • Features:
    • HyerEva
    • Tri-Arch
    • Drop-In Midsole
    • Non-Marking Sole
    • VSR Anti-Slip
  • Material:
    • Outsole: VSR Rubber
    • Midsole: HYPEREVA
    • Upper: PU Leather + Mesh


HyperEva VICTOR HYPEREVA is the latest developed midsole technology that focuses on resilience and cushioning. You will be impressed by its incredible softness, shock-absorption, rebound performance, and how it makes the shoes both durable and lightweight.
Badminton Shoes built with HYPEREVA can achieve better weightlessness , elasticity and stability than before, getting you ready to win at any time.

Tri-ArchThe Tri-Arch support control is an arch design of the footbed based on the three arches of the foot: medial and lateral longitudinal-arches and transverse arch. Tri-Arch is ergonomically designed to keep the original curvature of the three arches, which offers a more comfortable support to the sole, evenly distributes the pressure, and enables better controllability. 

Drop-in MidsoleDrop-in midsole combined insole with midsole, not only increase its durability, but also provide more comfortable and nice support to the longitudinal and transverse arches.