Yonex Aerobite Boost Badminton String Set

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Yonex AeroBite Boost, for smashing power and strong hitting feeling. Transmit power directly from the impact with two key materials to minimize the loss of energy by preventing deformation at impact. Super Fiber: Vectran™ - Stretch-resistant Super Fiber: More than twice as strong as nylon, and Oval Shaped Side Fiber - Less deformation at impact.

Increase the CONTROL performance of hairpin & cut shots. Polyurethane Coated Mains - Creates more friction/grip on the shuttle. Super Thin Cross String - Reduces friction between each string, increasing the main string performance.

Bite the shuttle with the surface of the vertical strings. Spin is achieved as the main strings return to their original position.

  • Aerobite Boost is a hybrid combination with different gauges and coatings on the mains and crosses
  • Hard Feeling
  • Big Hitting Sound
  • Gauge:  0.72mm Main String (white) / 0.61mm Cross String (black)
  • Length: 5.5m / 5.0m
  • Material: CORE High-Intensity Nylon Multifilament, Super Fiber: Vectran(tm) (mains only) OUTER High Polymer Braided Nylon Fiber, Oval-Shaped (mains only) COATING mains - Polyurethane
  • Colour: Yellow/Grey or Red/Grey
  • Made in Japan

Yonex Performance Chart:

  • Repulsion Power: 8
  • Durability: 7
  • Hitting Sound: 7
  • Shock Absorption: 6
  • Control: 10