Yonex Astrox 100 ZZ Badminton Racket - Dark Navy

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Designed with a slimmer shaft and an advanced Rotational Generator System, the Astrox 100 badminton racket was created for advanced players.

By developing racket technologies in weight distribution, shaft, frame shape and cap, the ASTROX 100 enables access to power that controls the quick changes of pace in the game.

The innovative Rotational Generator System, introduced through the ASTROX series earlier, has been further enhanced. More precise weight distribution throughout the grip end, frame top and the joint increases the rotational power. These enhancements ensure the momentum for quicker consecutive shots. Namd*1, which produces more flex and a faster snapback, is used throughout the frame and shaft, unleashing dramatic steep power. The synergy created from the Rotational Generator System enables continuous powerful attacks.  

The already slim shaft has been modified utilizing a high-quality graphite material, creating the slimmest shaft to date in Yonex giving this racket a Hyper Slim Shaft. It provides a smoother follow-through by reducing air resistance and generates rotational power through more flex and a faster snapback. 

The original ISOMETRIC frame has also evolved into a more ISOMETRIC shape, expanding the sweet spot. Designed for reduced power loss from off-center shots, the 2.9% larger sweet spot increases power.

Expanded Sweet Spot in Modified Frame

Compared to regular round frames, Yonex’s original ISOMETRIC frame creates a wider sweet spot. The ASTROX 100 frame has been slightly modified into an even more square-like shape, increasing the already wide sweet spot by 2.9%*2, while maintaining the same overall frame size. Benefits of this evolved ISOMETRIC shape include increased power on strong and continuous shots even if they don’t hit the center of the racket.

Newly Designed Cap: E.B.CAP PLUS

A new structure reduces shaft twisting and increases its flexibility. Thumb fitting shape transmits even more power to the shuttle.

Advanced Rotational Generator System

The new innovative Rotational Generator System precisely distributes weight to the top of the frame, joints, and the end of the racket grip. 

Black Micro Core material at the top of the frame increases rigidity by 4% and vibration absorption by 2%*2. While the use of Black Micro Core material puts more weight on the head of the frame. A new built-in T-joint, which is 1.3%*2 lighter than any other Yonex racket, allows the racket to have a lower weight distribution. By redesigning the racket's weight distribution in this manner, high rotational power needed for strong continuous smashes is generated.

Improved Swing-ability and Resilience: Hyper Slim Shaft

Designed with the slimmest shaft in the history of Yonex racquets*2, this ASTROX model, traditionally hollow inside, uses graphite material in the core, resulting in an 11.8%*2 reduction in air resistance. By making the shaft solid, resilience is increased, further allowing strong continuous shots.

Revolutionary New Graphite Namd

By utilizing high quality Namd graphite throughout the shaft and frame more flex is produced with a faster snapback, unleashing dramatic steep power. The material stays flexible even with increased swing speed, bending when swing speed increases and restoring its original hard shape at the end of the swing. The ability to bend even further and snap back rapidly, produces stronger shots and greater smash speeds.

*1 Namd is a technology developed by Nitta Corporation to “uniformly disperse carbon nanotubes into carbon fiber composites".
*2 Tested by  Yonex
  • Flex: Extra Stiff
  • Balance: Head Heavy
  • Frame: H.M. GRAPHITE/Namd/NANOMETRIC/Tungsten/Black Micro Core
    Shaft: H.M. Graphite/Namd
    Joint : NEW Built in T Joint - the lightweight T-Joint increases stability of the shuttle on the strings, maximizing power and control
  • New Grommet Pattern: single pass grommet holes for reduced string stress, maximizing performance
  • Solid Feel Core: reduces vibrations travelling down the shaft for improved comfort
  • AEROBOX Frame: a combination of faster swing speeds and a solid feel
  • Weight / Grip Size: 4U (Ave.83g) G5
                                   3U (Ave.88g) G4
  • Stringing Advice: 4U 20-28 lbs, 3U 21-29 lbs
  • Colour: Dark Navy
  • Made in Japan

    **Please note if upgrades are selected the item cannot be returned as the product has been customised, all other consumer rights still apply and returns will be accepted if the original item is deemed to have a manufacturing fault**