Yonex Isometric TR1 Badminton Racket

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Yonex Isometric-TR1 is a weighted training racket from Yonex with Mesh Cover Assist. The stated racket weight is 118g rather than the standard 80-90g. The purpose of this is to build muscular strength and explosive power. By using the racket the muscle strength will naturally increase to cope with the higher stresses on the arm. When you swap back to a standard frame it feels much lighter. The mesh cover can be used without a shuttle for shadowing strokes and giving increased air resistance. The isometric head provides the playability and sweet spot that you would expect from a standard Yonex racket.

Training tips - begin use after warming up, starting with the racket could injure muscles if you attempt to play a hard shot while still cool.
Initially start with fast flat hitting for short periods swapping between this and your normal racket. The small repeated actions build strength around the wrist and elbow to build up to larger shots. After a few sessions you should be able to play for longer before swapping rackets, 3 sets with the weighted racket , one normal racket recovery set. Start overheads with drop shots, quick action slow hit will help to activate shoulder muscles for when you start to smash with this racket. Play games using the racket.

Full graphite, game improvement racquet with a solid feel and match-like playability.

Flex: Medium

Balance: Head Heavy

Frame: Graphite

Shaft: Graphite

Recommended Tension: 19-24lbs

String: Factory String

Weight / Grip Size: 4U (80-84.9g) G5

Colour: Snow White