Yonex Mavis 300 Synthetic Shuttlecocks

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**The Yonex Mavis 300 Shuttlecocks Yellow Medium are available on a pre-order basis only. Stock is due to arrive end of May 2024 and orders will be shipped as soon as stock arrives**

The combination of close-to-feather shuttlecock flight performance and four to five times more durability than an ordinary nylon shuttlecock makes the Yonex Mavis series the most cost-effective choice for badminton sessions:

  • Manufactured to exceptionally high standards.
  • Nylon shuttles mirror fast recovery peak, drop and flight trajectory of feather shuttlecocks.
  • Yonex shuttlecock technology delivers outstanding performance.
  • Every shuttlecock produced by Yonex is meticulously inspected to ensure consistently fast recovery and accurate flight stability for maximum playability.

Available Colour: White or Yellow

Available Speed: Medium or Fast