Yonex Nanoray 800 Badminton Racket - Poinsettia Red

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Yonex Nanoray 800 is designed for doubles players to help pressure the opponents with fast and accurate drives. This version is a 4U, so slightly lighter than the previous colourway, it plays a faster and more like a headlight Nanoray.

X-Fullerene - A carbon structure inside the resin reduces the weight of the resin filler. The carbon atoms create cross-links for 15% greater stability.

Solid Feel Core - The feel of the racket is designed to feel like the head doesn't have a hollow centre. This cuts out vibrations through the racket and gives increased confidence in the racket playability.

Aero Frame - Aerodynamic frame design cuts the air for faster swing speeds.

Isometric Headshape - A squarer frame shape helps to balance the size of the mains and crosses to enhance the size of the sweet spot.

Super Slim Long Shaft - Extended shaft makes the power multiplication from handle to head greater than short shafts. The super slim design cuts the air better for improved speed.

Control Support Cap - The wider top cap allows increased control high up the racket for sharp maneuverability.

Description: X-FULLERINE combined with SONIC METAL produces a fast and controlled swing that generates powerfully accurate, rapid-fire shots.

Flex: Stiff

Balance: Head Light

Frame: H.M. Graphite, SONIC METAL

Shaft:  H.M. Graphite, X-FULLERENE

Tension: 19-24lbs

String: Unstrung

Weight / Grip Size: 4U (80-84g) G4

Colour: Poinsettia Red

Racket Case: Not Included