Yonex EXBOLT 63 Badminton String 200m Reel

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Quick Repulsion - Pierce through your opponent’s defense with agile drives. The thin yet durable Forged fiber generates exhilarating sound at impact, and high velocity drives that will catch your opponent off guard.

While thinner strings tend to have higher repulsion, there has always been the issue of low durability. FORGED FIBER was developed to solve this very issue. Ordinary nylon had a limit to the strength of its fibers, which is why Yonex reconstructed the fibers on a molecular level to build stronger bonds for lasting durability. This FORGED FIBER gave Yonex more freedom to construct thinner strings without compromising durability.

The result is a combination of quick repulsion and durability, and even though the gauge is only 0.63mm, it is 24% more durable than conventional thin gauge products*1. The EXBOLT 63 provides exhilarating sounds of impact, and its quick repulsion will deliver your drives 7cm deeper*2, giving the opponent little to no time to counterattack or gain the upper hand in a match.

*1 Measured by a smash analysis machine
*2 Yonex research results: Shuttle is delivered to the same location 0.18 seconds faster than compared to previous products.

FORGED FIBER, a new material developed from a fiber with high intermolecular bonding strength, durability, and heat resistance, which is also used in the forging of aircraft tires. Impurities are removed during the manufacturing process, and by stretching the material many times longer than the original material, the strength of this FORGED FIBER is greatly increased.

  • Quick Repulsion
  • Gauge:  0.63 mm
  • Length: 200m
  • Material: CORE High-Intensity Nylon Multifilament Nylon,
                   OUTER Special Braided Forged Fiber
  • Available Colours: White, Yellow
  • Made in Japan

Yonex Performance Chart:

  • Quick Repulsion Power: 11
  • Durability: 7
  • Hitting Sound: 10
  • Shock Absorption: 7
  • Control: 10